Smart IoT-Advanced Fire Alarm Solution-Stunning Debut at TEMCA 2019

The Pattaya Fire Exhibition (TEMCA 2019) was held by Thailand's Pattaya International Convention and Exhibition Center (PEACH) from August 23 to August 24. It has more than 13,500 square meters of meeting space, bringing together more than 60% of manufacturers and many well-known brands in the Thai fire protection industry. 




The strong lineup of the exhibition not only reflects the importance that modern people attach to fire protection, but also the booming trend of the fire protection industry.

With the theme of "Choose protectwell,choose safety", our three major products: automatic fire alarm systems, public audio systems and wireless detector technology has received strong interest and extensive attention from exhibitors.


we are a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sale of fire-fighting electronic products.

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