Dear Customers,

Currently, the entire world is struggling against the virulent pandemic COVID-19. Today we are witnessing the unbounded global spread of the disease. Unfortunately, each of us is affected, either overtly or covertly. Be sure, that’s our common fight, common sorrow and pain.

PTW Team takes the utmost care of our valuable customers as well as our stuff. Multiple precaution measures have been taken by us in order to prevent spreading the virus among the public.

Rest assured, we are still operating at full capacity, all our employees are at your service on the remote-work basis for their safety, and you can use our products without any failures. We are staying in touch in case you need any of our assistance. PTW Team keeps eyes on current situations and will update you on any changes.

Please, stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19, don’t neglect basic protective measures, be safe and healthy!


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