The PTW-3300S is a powerful intelligent networkable touch screen color display fire alarm controller designed with many levels of flexibility to meet virtually any application. Features such as fire detection & alarm, networking and graphical workstations allow this modular solution to accommodate the simplest systems up to the most complex solutions.
With one to sixteen Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), the PTW-3300S supports up to 3,168 intelligent addressable devices when it connects with PW-600P or PW-330DP Series detectors, up to 2,544 intelligent addressable devices when it connects with PW-300P Series detectors.
Information is critical to fire evacuation personnel, and the PTW-3300S's large 1024x600 pixel touch screen Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) presents vital information to operators concerning a fire situation, fire progression, and evacuation details.
A host of other options are available, including LED, LCD, LDM, or PC based graphic annunciators; fire or integration networking; advanced detection products for challenging environments, and many additional options.

· One to sixteen isolated intelligent Signaling Line Circuits (SLC) Style 4, 6 or 7
· Large 1024x600 pixel touch screen displays with user friendly menu
· English, and Chinese language support.
· Connect to the Graphical Workstations (Proworkse-3S) for centralized management.
· Network option–supports PTW-3300S, PW-NCA-3S Network Annunciator, or Proworkse-3S Network workstations. 
· P-VFT-3S Tools online/offline program option.
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